Rattlesnake Shake is a different kind of Mötley Crüe tribute. Not only do they kick ass on the classic shit faithfully, but they set themselves apart from all the other Crüe tributes by paying equal respect to the evolution of the Crüe's music career. They've put a lot into costume replication, targeting the authentic costumes of the original Crue (circa 1983). The fans really do get an experience to remember.

Over the past few years, Rattlesnake Shake has evlolved to be one of the top Mötley Crüe tribute bands. They have had the time to hone their sound, their stage, their craft. These guys truely become the Crüe. The Rattlesnake Shake show is a totally awesome and memorable fan experience for all involved.

While you could never replace the monstor's of rock: Vince, Nikki, Mick, and Tommy, Rattlesnake Shake brings an awesome and authentic show without crappy bootleg sound, nor tickets that cost an arm and a leg. .

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